Partnering with Pilgrim


Pilgrim Congregational Church takes pride in the success of the donut operation at the Oak Park Farmers Market, but also takes seriously the responsibility of ensuring that our donut quality meets health standards and consumer expectations. Over 35 years ago the church chose to invite local non-profit groups to partner with us to meet these goals.

Pilgrim continually receives requests from worthy nonprofit organizations to partner and use the donut operation for fundraising and team-building support. There are a limited number of partner slots, however, and the church has a responsibility to choose partners who will maintain our standards for quality and quantity, and satisfy the people waiting patiently for their donuts.

New partners are trained and supported by Pilgrim with the intent that they will meet our standards and participate in future years. The donut operation sells drinks and donuts from 7 AM to 12:30 PM each Saturday of the Farmers Market, but in order to do that, we need at least 44 volunteers working 3 ½ hour shifts from 3:30 AM preparation through 1 PM cleanup.

Satisfactory and responsible partner groups are invited to participate in following years. It is difficult to predict when a donut partner will choose not to participate, or when a slot will open. At this point, there are no openings for 2019 and any openings that do occur will be filled from our waiting list.

When inviting partner participation, preference is given to established local nonprofits. In terms of a partner’s vision or mission, we seek a balance of groups that serve our community’s needs.

The Farmers Market donut operation is one of the most visible of many ways that Pilgrim Congregational Church serves the community from our historic building. For additional information, please contact the church office at 708-848-5860 or Our congregation is thankful for your support; you are always welcome at Pilgrim, for donuts, worship or anything else we do.