Green Team Happenings



to all who volunteered to monitor the composting effort at the Food Truck Rally. Efforts such as these both reduce the flow of compostable and recyclable articles to the landfill; but they also help to educate the public. Thanks!!

Also thanks to those Green Team members who participated in worship throughout September as liturgists or as Mission Moment presenters. Providing information and raising congregational awareness about our responsibility for caring for all of creation is one important part of the Green Team’s Mission.

Pilgrim is also a member of the Interfaith Green Network (IGN) , composed of at least 17 congregations in Oak Park and River Forest. Part of its mission is to amplify the voices of any single congregation to more effectively promote the care of all of creation. This month we highlight two current projects and invite you all to participate as you are able.

Raising awareness about the problem of Food Waste

This is a very informative 3-minute video—watch it to find out at least 3 things you didn’t know about food waste! Videos like this, along with newspaper and magazine articles and scholarly findings are the first step in raising awareness about the nature of the problem. Programming, such as films and a panel discussion featuring experts from the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry, will follow. Watch for more details.

Providing information on investing (and divesting) - panel discussion November 8, 7:00-8:30 p.m. Oak Park Library