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Sunday Worship: Opening Doors

If you want a great way to wrap up Pride Month join us for “Opening the Doors”, a celebration of inclusivity and 20 years of being an Open and Affirming Church.

Our worship service today is designed and led by members of Pilgrim's LGBTQ & Allies team. The sermon will be a Reader's Theater of sorts with members of the congregation sharing their thoughts and experiences related to one or more of the themes symbolized by our rainbow doors:

The Red Door represents all of the times your sexuality or identity had to be stopped.
The Orange Door represents the times when you had to be cautious about who you were and how you spoke or acted because of your sexual or gender identity.
The Yellow Door represents when there were glimmers of hope in your experience.
The Green Door represents moments or theology of liberation.
The Blue Door represents how we can share extravagant hospitality with all people in a future world.
The Purple Door represents how we as Pilgrim and a congregation can move forward to a respond to our call. 

Please join us for this special celebration.