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Sunday Worship: Storytelling Worship Service

During the summer months, we here at Pilgrim find it is a great time to experiment and to find new ways of worshiping together. As a community of faith we want to continue to grow and expand. Today we are having our 2nd storytelling worship link our particular story to the larger faith narrative..

Why do we tell stories? We tell stories because we’re made in the image of God, who chose stories as the way to share his great love for us. And we tell stories because there is no better way to convey deep truth, deep pain, and deep love.

Since storytelling is such an integral part of our lives, let us use it to get in touch with each other and the sacred present in each of our lives. Today our theme is: “Getting what you deserved”. Please join us and share in our story. Worship will be held in the air-conditioned parlor.