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Sunday Worship: Storytelling Worship Service

During the summer months, we here at Pilgrim find it is a great time to experiment and to find new ways of worshiping together. As a community of faith we want to continue to grow and expand.

We will also designate two Sundays this summer to incorporating storytelling into the context of our worship. We will have people come and share their stories on a theme and we will lift those stories up for reflection. We will then compare those stories to a similar biblical text. This is a way for us to embody what we declare: That we serve a still speaking God, and that each of us is a reflection of the divine.

Storytelling is as natural as breathing. When something happens in our lives, whether good or bad, we want to tell someone — and we feel like we’ll burst if we don’t! When we see a loved one in the evening after a long day, we want to hear their story. We greet them with that simple, universal question, “How was your day?”

Since storytelling is such an integral part of our lives, let us use it to get in touch with each other and the sacred present in each of our lives.