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Sunday Worship: Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday

Please join us on this special Sunday as we honor and reflect upon the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr. We are pleased to welcome Rev. Steven Saunders as our very special guest preacher.

Rev. Saunders is an ordained minister, lecturer and civil rights activist, celebrating 50 years of service, for justice and equality for all Americans. He began as a youth activist at Englewood High School protesting to enforce school desegregation as Chairman of the Afro-American History Club. He is a founding member of Operation PUSH and a former board member of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. He is Executive Liaison for Featherfist Social Services, serving the homeless in Chicago.

He was featured in a 2008 PBS documentary “Poverty In Chicago” to discuss causes and solutions to ending homelessness, and current work includes collaboration with Elmhurst College and District 6 Museum of Cape Town South Africa in a live video course for American and South African college students to examine the parallels in civil rights and Anti apartheid movements.

Please join us for this very inspiring, motivating and thought-provoking worship service. All are welcome!